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DIY Zombie Costume Making Steps for Old Clothes

05-30-21 1,037 Getacos

With the increasing number of zombie movies and mini-games, many people have no fear of zombies, especially Halloween, which has become a popular choice and the latest trend in cross-dressing.

It does not take a lot of time to make zombie costumes. Find out the old clothes at home, follow the DIY zombie costume tutorial for detailed explanation, and learn how to make zombie costumes.

Whether it’s Halloween, a party, a zombie run, or even a home-made horror movie, you can do it easily! It’s fun when you get creative, because zombie costumes are not right or wrong. Below you will find zombie-themed homemade costume ideas, but that doesn’t mean that making your own zombie costumes has to be complicated.

When you dress up as one of these weird zombie costumes, everyone wants to take a photo with you this Halloween. Think you can surpass these homemade costumes here? Send us yours and let us see how scary you are!

diy zombie costume


⚡ What are you going to prepare?


☑ Old clothes

☑ Scissors and demolition machin

☑ Lighter for burning clothes (use with caution)

☑ Soiled clothes

☑ Cosmetics

☑ Fake blood

☑ Wig (optional)

☑ Fallen leaves, soil, branches, etc., used when decorating hair



⚡ Method/Step:


1. Choose your zombie type

There are many different types of zombies. From zombies in old movies to modern versions of zombies, anything can evolve into a zombie version. The zombie itself is not that interesting. There are countless possibilities in its style and clothing, which is the most interesting part.

2. Find the basic part of the costume

According to the zombie look you choose, either remake the outfit from last year or make a brand-new zombie outfit. If you don’t want to use the clothes you are wearing, you can go to the second-hand store and pick some clothes that others don’t want to change.

Sweatpants you don’t like or don’t need.

Everyday clothing.

Anyway, you have long wanted to throw away those clothes, just use this reason to make them come in handy.

If you have ever worked as a nurse or any other profession with work clothes and don’t plan to go back to do it again, then use the clothes to make good use of.

When you go to a party in party clothes, and then suddenly tear off your coat, wow! Zombies are coming!

In fact, you can transform anything that can be worn on your body into a zombie costume.

3. Transform your costume into a zombie costume

Next are the specific steps. At present, it’s just ordinary clothing, so you need to move some hands and feet. Don’t worry that your zombie outfit is too messy. The following steps are to teach you how to further zombieize clothing.

4. Tear the clothes to pieces

Zombies scratch many things when they walk, such as plants, fences, pillars, hooks, etc., so their clothes are torn apart. However, while deliberately creating a ragged effect, be careful not to expose the parts of your body that you don’t want to expose.

☑ Jeans:

Tattered jeans work best, as long as the scissors are randomly cut around the thighs, and then torn into pieces.

☑ T-shirt:

Use scissors to cut a few pieces on the clothes, you can pull off the pieces, or you can leave them just like this.

☑ Tops:

Same as T-shirts, but depending on the material, you can cut a few more cuts.

☑ Outerwear and jacket:

Use scissors to cut out strips on the arms and body parts.

☑ Skirts and dresses:

Just like tops, cut them with scissors, and then pull up the holes with your hands. Don’t worry about whether the holes will be too exaggerated. This will only make your clothes more colorful. If your clothes have lace edges or other decorative elements, pull them off a bit to create a crooked effect.

☑ Accessories:

Scarves, gloves, socks, hats, etc. You can tear them.



5. Add burnt or burnt marks.

Use a lighter to create a little burnt or burnt mark on the clothes, but before doing so, you must first understand the material of the clothes to avoid dangerous accidents. Very little alcohol is enough for ignition.


Prepare a large bucket of water by the side just in case.

Minors should not perform this step.

6. Increase blood

Isn’t the zombie just covered in blood? Come and experience the thrill of making your clothes full of fake blood!

☑ Here are some tips:

If you buy fake blood outside, it is recommended that you buy the darker, water-soluble one.

Slimy or corn syrup-type blood will be uncomfortable to wear on your body and will make you look like a cartoon character.

☑ How to put fake blood on clothes:

Find a venue, preferably outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about blood everywhere in the house. Sprinkle the clothes with blood with your hands, press handprints, doodle at will, or even use a brush to create a piece of art on the clothes.


7. Steps for applying makeup

This is one of the most important steps. The two best products for zombie makeup are oil paint and water-soluble airbrush makeup.

☑ If you want zombie makeup full of violence and blood, you might as well use oil paint. It is very thick, easy to use, inexpensive and good-quality, and it can produce a lot of very good effects.

☑ If you want to create a withered zombie makeup, fix the cotton ball on the inside of your cheeks, and then cover it with liquid latex. When it dries, remove the cotton ball so that the liquid latex will automatically adhere to the concave on your skin. In the slot, you look like a walking dead!

☑ You can also use colored contact lenses to highlight the effect, and these are very cheap to buy online. Don’t forget to put paint on your neck, hands and other exposed areas, and then put fake blood on your mouth and teeth to add the finishing touch.


8. Add a little special effect makeup element

You can use liquid latex, or you can buy some pre-designed items on our website. The cut marks on the limbs, the artificial nails on the fingers, etc., let your imagination run wild! But if you think these are a bit too much, just skip this step.

9. Fixes the hair

Hairstyle is as important as the rest of the outfit. If designed well, it can make your zombie outfit a lot more attractive. If your hair is long enough, mess it up with knots, and smear fake blood, dirt, fallen leaves, etc. on your hair.

10. Enter the role

If you don’t walk and groan, then you won’t be called a zombie! Quickly summon the zombie inside you, keep twisting your body, and enter the character!

diy zombie costume