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Simple Steps to Make Your Own Angel Wings

05-29-21 747 Getacos

diy angel wings


For many people, the arrival of the end of October means that there is only one thing to focus on right now: Halloween! The scariest festivals require creative costumes, such as dressing up as ghosts, zombies or DIY witch costumes.

Although scary is synonymous with Halloween, this does not mean that your costume must be full of horror and blood. If you need last-minute Halloween costume ideas, angel costumes are a good choice. Don’t worry, because in order to create an angel-like Halloween look, all you really need is an all-white suit, wings and halo. You can easily DIY using store-bought materials.

Not only can you wear many kinds of clothing, but you also have good reasons to do so. So here are some cool ideas that you can easily DIY and add to your Halloween costume ideas!

Check out these angel costume and DIY accessory ideas. Halloween is a good time to be creative, you can use your imagination to make the best costumes. With so many creative clothing ideas to choose from, you can easily add an angelic atmosphere to this year’s holiday.


🔔 Simple Making of Angel Wings



🚥 Tools/Materials:


💨 Cardboard

💨 Glue gun

💨 Scissors

💨 Feather

💨 Lace rubber band



🚥 Specific Steps:


💨 1. Cut the paper into the shape of wings. If the paper is not big enough, you can make two wings on the left and right, and then glue them together from the middle.

💨 2. Squeeze hot melt on the sharp corners under the paper to paste the back of the feathers. The second feather needs to cover half of the first feather. Paste in order from bottom to top.

💨 3. Glue the first layer of feathers to the left and right sides.

💨 4. Paste the second layer of feathers in the same way. The tail of the second layer of feathers also needs to cover the stem of the first layer of feathers. Paste layer by layer to complete.

💨 5. At the edge of the wings, select some finer hairs to paste.

💨 6. Bend the fluff according to the arc of the paper and paste it.

💨 7. In the middle part, we arranged and pasted the feathers vertically, and at the upper edge, we pasted two fluffs to cover the feather stalks.

💨 8. Flip to the back of the wings and paste two rubber bands outside the middle.

💨 9. Paste the inner wings of the wings in the same way, but this time we need to use the front of the feather and paste it on the paper. The back of the feather faces outward.



🔔 How to Make an Angel’s Wings Costume?


angel's wings costume


🚥 Tools/Materials:


💨 Wire hanger

💨 Yarn

💨 Shiny rope

💨 Scissors

💨 Hot melt glue


🚥 Specific Steps:


💨 1. Find two hangers with wire at home and twist them into two wings.

💨 2. Glue the yarn to the wings with hot melt glue.

💨 3. Then cut one end of the cut long yarn into a strip, pinch it into a tuft, and glue it to the wings, layer by layer to cover the wings.

💨 4. Use a clothes hanger to twist it into a circle, then fix the lower wire to the wing, and then wrap it with a shiny rope as a halo.

💨 5. Such a costume with little angel wings is ready.




🔔 How to Make Angel Wings Made of Clothes Racks and Tissues?



🚥 Tools/Materials:


💨 Used hangers

💨 Paper towels

💨 Tape

💨 Scissors



🚥 Specific Steps:


💨 1. Remove the hook on the clothes rack

💨 2. Fixed togethe

💨 3. Start decorating with paper strip

💨 4. A wing is read

💨 5. Make another wing