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Cheap and Simple Scary Costumes for Halloween – Clown, Zombie, Witch

06-02-21 1,166 Getacos

Do you know what is scarier than Halloween? On a night full of blood and unforgettable horror, your gloomy side is guided to show. This is why we provide you with the most chilling outfits. If you are confused about what to wear on October 31 this year, don’t be nervous. This list of scary Halloween costumes will help you find the best creepy look for your Halloween 2021.

Whether you want to realize your dream of playing your favorite villain, or just want to look very eerie, these horror costume ideas are the best choice for Halloween horror events. You can even choose to make DIY clothes from home items.

Since you are already reading this article, I guess you prefer the classic choice-scary Halloween costumes. If you want to go all out this year, let me tell you that you have a choice.

scary halloween costumes

1. Pennywise Costume

Pennywise is one of the scariest clowns. We have designed different styles for men and women. Of course, don’t forget the red balloon!

women's pennywise costumeadult men pennywise costume

Women’s Pennywise Costume                                            Adult Men Pennywise Costume

2. Scary Clown Mask

We provide the clown mask you need to complete the appearance of your costume. Unique creepy Halloween mask design, realistic face, this will become the most interesting mask ever!

halloween clown mask           killer clown mask

Halloween Clown Mask                                                              Killer Clown Mask

3. Scary Priest and Nun Costume

This priest and nun Halloween costume inspired by spiritism is very scary, and the unisex gown itself is also very comfortable.

nun halloween costume           scary priest costume


Nun Halloween Costume                                                              Scary Priest Costume

4. Zalgo Morphsuit

Scary web comics now have their own costumes. Spandex catsuit with pointed claws, hoods and creepy hollow eyes.

black and white zalgo morphsuit           blue zalgo morphsuit

Black and White Zalgo Morphsuit                                           Blue Zalgo Morphsuit

5. Annabelle Costume

Anyone can try a doll possessed by evil spirits. Get ready to scare the crowd in this Annabel costume! Our Annabelle costume is your worst nightmare! Dress yourself up as a creepy doll and recreate your favorite horror scenes. Both adult and child styles are available, place an order right away!

annabelle halloween costume

Annabelle Halloween Costume

6. Skeleton Costume

This skull jumpsuit is a very simple and scary couple costume idea. Just remember to use skull makeup and combing hair to complete the look.

skeleton couple costume           skeleton couple costume

Skeleton Couple Costume

7. Scary Alien Mask

To make it easier, this oversized alien mask can be worn at the last minute. It is made of thick latex that will not tear. Let it dry before putting it on. It may smell a little.

halloween mask           halloween mask

Halloween Mask

8. Witch Costumes

If you want to join a Halloween party with your child, please make her wear a child-approved witch costume with a shiny dress. Just add a cute witch hat!

girl's witch costume           adult witch costume

Girl’s Witch Costume                                                                  Adult Witch Costume

9. Devil Costume

There is nothing more terrible than pulling your soul out of your body. This adult devil costume is ideal for you to wear scary costumes on Halloween.

voldemort costumes           voldemort costumes

Voldemort Costumes

10. Zombie Costumes

If you want to add a little beauty to your horror, this zombie costume is for you. Now you, like other zombies, become a ghost bride.

zombie bride costume           zombie bride costume

Zombie Bride Costume