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DIY Cardboard Making Witch Hat Tutorial

06-04-21 1,185 Getacos

When it comes to last-minute Halloween costumes, witch costumes usually come in power. This is why you see so many people dressed up like witches every year! If you want to dress up as a witch on Halloween, get ready for everything to be a witch. The witch is one of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique look!

Whether you are inspired by the beautiful Grinda in The Wizard of Oz, the evil witch in Snow White, or just the scariest witch costume we have ever seen, here are some ideas for you to easily create your own DIY witch costume.

But without a witch hat, how can you behave as a witch? In fact, it is not difficult to make a witch hat by yourself. This guide will teach you a simple way to make a witch hat with cardboard, which is convenient and simple!

diy witch hat


✂️ Materials Used:


💡 Thin and hard cardboard, black or other colors are fin

💡 Marke

💡 Scissor

💡 Glue suitable for sticking cardboard

💡 Stapler/Tap

💡 Paints and brushes(you will need them if you want to repaint the hat)

💡 Thin rubber band


✂️ Make The Tip of The Hat


1. Draw a Circle

Draw a quarter circle on a thin piece of cardboard paper. If it is made for children, the two sides of the fan shape should not be shorter than 15.7 inches, which is slightly larger than an adult hat.

2. Draw A Straight Line

Draw a straight line under the curve. The farthest distance between the straight line and the curve is 1 inch. Draw a vertical line between the curve and the straight line.

3. Cut Out The Tassel Look

Cut the edges of the fan shape into tassels along the drawn vertical lines. These tassels will be pasted into the brim of the hat later.



✂️ Make and Fix The Brim


1. Draw a Circle

Draw a circle 14.5 inches in diameter on a similar piece of cardboard paper.

2. Draw An Ellipse

Draw an oval in the middle of the circle, leaving enough cardboard around it. The size of the ellipse should be commensurate with the size of the head of the person wearing the hat.

3. Cut Out The Big Circle and Cut Out The Ellipse Inside

4. Fit The Brim of the Hat to the Tip of the Hat

First roll the fan shape used to make the tip of the hat into a cone shape, and stick the edge with tape or staple it with a stapler. Then thread the cone into the oval hole.

5. Paste Tassels

Fold the tassel-shaped piece of paper on the cone outwards, apply glue under the brim of the hat, and then paste all the pieces of paper on the brim of the hat.




✂️ Decorative Hat


1. Color the Hat

If you have already selected the cardboard with the color you want, you can skip this step. If you are not satisfied with the color of the cardboard, you can color it now. Generally speaking, witch hats are all black, of course, you can also paint other colors according to your needs.

2. Tie A Rubber Band on the Hat

Adding a rubber band can make the hat more secure, so you don’t worry about it falling off even if it’s windy or moving randomly.

* Pierce a hole at each end of the brim, and the distance between the two holes and the inner edge of the brim should be the same.

* Cut a piece of rubber band, the length should be suitable for the position of the person’s chin in the hat. It is best to measure the size before doing this step. Remember to leave a little more length for knotting.

* Thread the rubber band into the small hole, tie a knot, and then cut off the excess rubber band.

* Pass the other end into another small hole, tie the knot again, and cut off the excess.

3. Make Decoration

Finally, you can wrap a belt or ribbon on the hat.

4. Finish, try it on.




✂️ Add Hair


If you want the witch’s hair hanging down on the hat, you can follow the steps below.

1. Cut Some Wool or Cloth Strips

Cut a few strands of wool, cloth strips or other things that can be used as hair. The color is up to you. But a very light color will make the witch hat effective. Cut a few more woolen threads so that enough hair will hang down after the hat is put on.

2. Attach the Wool

Paste the wool in a straight line inside the hat, and finish pasting all the wool. If you find that some hairs are weird after they are pasted, just pull them off.

3. Try It On



✂️ Tips:


You can also decorate the witch hat with stickers, paint or small objects in the handmade box according to your own preferences. Shiny star stickers, fluorescent stickers, printed buttons, sequins, glitter, plastic gems, etc. are all interesting decorations.

diy witch hat