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Essentials of DIY Little Red Riding Hood’s Cloak

05-28-21 451 Getacos

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most popular fairy tales still circulating today. Although this story has been adapted many times in the past few centuries, Little Red Riding Hood is still one of the most well-known fairy tale characters of all time. A cute little girl, everyone who looks at her loves her, and wears a little red velvet hood, so she has always been called Little Red Riding Hood.

The terrible ending with the big bad wolf may prevent some people from dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood, but another group of people including children and adults like to dress up as this popular character. Not only can she be recognized at a glance, she is also a simple little red riding hood costume DIY. Therefore, if you are short on time, this is a brilliant idea. So look at these great Little Red Riding Hood costumes. This Halloween, you will be inspired to create your own costume!

Today we will show you how to make this super simple DIY Little Red Riding Hood cloak! Not only is it fast and easy to make when time is tight, but it is also a very cheap garment to make within a budget. Read on for our complete step-by-step instructions!

little red riding hood costumes

Tools and Materials:

* Red cloth


We must prepare a piece of red cloth, the best material is cotton, because cotton has a better texture, unlike satin, which will reflect light. Since it is not often used to wear, it is not necessary to buy too good, but it should be thicker, otherwise it is lighter and easy to be blown up by the wind. Choose the length yourself. The idea given here is 8.2 feet, so there will be a longer tail, and the width is generally about 5 feet.

* Sewing machine


The first step:

Wrinkle treatment. Wrinkle treatment has two advantages, one can make the cloak have stripes and wrinkles, and the three-dimensional effect will be stronger. In addition, because the width of a person’s shoulder is limited, it will slip if it is too wide, so shrink the cloth with a width of 5 feet to about 2 feet.

The second step:

Make a hat. When making a hat, pay attention to the connection between the bottom and the cloak to be the same length as the wrinkled cloth in the first step.

The third step:

Sew the cap to the main body, then add the straps, and you’re done.