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How to DIY Shark Costumes for Halloween?

06-01-21 649 Getacos

We have all felt this way. Halloween sometimes comes quietly, and you haven’t even figured out what costume to wear. However, now we are here to provide you with great homemade clothing ideas, and the best part is that you don’t need to wait long!

When we asked other people about simple Halloween costume ideas, some people mentioned that they wanted to make a shark costume. This year, many families will wear these shark costumes to go out to play. If you can’t get your own shark costumes, we have prepared a DIY method for you.

You can use the steps and techniques outlined below to create any combination to represent your own family. Follow our tutorial to make your own shark style costume. So it doesn’t matter, there is enough time to make some costumes before Halloween!


diy shark costumes


 Materials Needed:

* Blue cylindrical foam

* Tape

* White felt, Blue felt, Black felt

* Scissor

* Plastic baseball

* Glue

* Hot melt gun


Take two blue cylindrical foams, cut two blue foams at an angle of 30 degrees at each end, make them close to a point, and then stick them together with tape. Cut a section in the middle of each foam and add 8 inches of pool surface to enlarge the sides. Tape these extensions to the foam.


Wrap the entire surface of the foam with tape to prevent them from melting.


Cut two pieces of woolen cloth with the same shape as the oval noodles, 1 inch more all around.


Cut an oval white wool cloth, 3 inches smaller than the blue wool cloth, and stick it in the middle of the blue wool cloth, leaving 0.5 inches under the burrs. Leave the other blue felt in the oval shape.


Cut two pieces of blue woolen cloth, if possible, cut an 8-inch wide blue woolen cloth. Glue the edges of each piece of blue wool fabric, along the 0.25 inch of the front edge of the fabric, to cover the original edge of the blue fabric oval.


Use scissors to cut the gills that the shark needs from the black woolen cloth. A total of ten gills are needed, five on each side.


Cut out the black felt cloth to make the mouth of the shark, and then cut out 19 white fangs from the white felt cloth. Glue the teeth to the black felt mouth, 10 to the top and 9 to the bottom.


Next, use a hot melt gun to seal the mouth, paying attention here to be slightly higher than the white woolen cloth in the middle. Cut off the blue and white felt layer on the back of the mouth so that you can see through the felt mouth. The purpose of this is to make it easier for you to see the outside while wearing your clothes.


Cut a plastic baseball in half, and then cut a piece of black felt cloth that can cover half of the ball. Make sure that the black felt cloth is positioned on the half-round ball and the score of the 0.25 inch curve.
Glue this piece of black felt to half of the plastic ball, overlap the notches, and tighten the felt. On the overlapping black felt, stick a strip of aquarium wool on it to form an eyelid. Cut a small white circle and glue it to the black eyes to make it shiny. Repeat for the other eye on the other half of the plastic ball.


Add hot glue to the back of the felt, and stick the eyes to the sides of the shark’s face, a few inches above the mouth.


Cut two triangles of blue wool cloth, two triangles of white wool cloth, and two 0.25 inch foam triangles. They are the same length as your arm and about 20 inches wide at the bottom.


Glue the white triangular fins to the back of the buttons, just where they will fall off on both sides of your arms. Place each foam triangle behind each white triangle, and then glue the blue triangle around the two long sides of the white triangle, leaving the short sides open at the back so that your arms can be dressed.


Add the second blue oval to the back of the garment, rotate it 1/4 inch on the edge of the button, and glue it to the back of the oval, as shown in the photo. Clip the blue part of the fin to the oval where they meet.


Pull down the back of the gills and glue five of them to the sides of the buttons under the eyes.


Ask someone else to trim the button strips on your shoes, and then glue the bottom of the buttons to your shoes with a water strap. You can also use a small piece of tape to fix the button strap to the trouser leg.


Finish, put on the shark costumes.

diy shark costumes